Tuesday, 27 November 2007

My First Review on Triggerstreet

I got my first review on TriggerStreet for In the Arms of the Enemy, from a Mr. Happy.

He/she says Trixy.Is.Nuts. (in those words and punctuation), which is funny because that's what I intended.

He thinks the 2nd act is rubbish, and apparently the third act is 1 hour of action written into 35 pages! (in Hollywood, a page is a minute). Which. Was. A. Mistake. considering I sent it to a Hollywood agent.

I don't know what to take away, other than that a total rewrite is necessary, and that it's impossible to please everyone.

I think the best option is to work on my brand new screenplay, Catching Megan, which is based around a nasty Internet-dating-gone-wrong moment.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Scary Government

It occurred to me that my screenplay has a kind of outer irony in my personal life.

When I wrote the screenplay, I was trying to break the code used in the script - that's where I got the idea for it. I exchanged encrypted emails with an American mathematician on his formula, and it is possible the UK intelligence services noticed the screenplay and decided I had broken RSA.

This led to a lot of paranoia and stress, but I'll never know what happened at MI5 or MI6. Most likely, the full story is locked away in a secure computer at one of those agencies.

If you're out there guys, here's waving at you!

The screenwriter is the house

I decided to set up a 'blog', as I need an outlet for my creative urges.

I actually have been writing online since late 1996, but I still haven't made my million(s) from writing!

One of my scripts is sitting on a Hollywood power-agent's desk, but hasn't been read in the 18 months since I sent it to him. So now I'm on TriggerStreet, where I'll be chronicling what happens to my screenplay as it works its way through the system.

I might also be chronicling my pending visit to West Hollywood to nag people about my script. I live in England, so it's a long way to go.

The screenplay is called Trixy Brannigan, Superagent: In the Arms of the Enemy and it's 107 pages long, and based on scientific fact (no people flying up the side of houses or developing supernatural powers).