Monday, 26 March 2012

The Best Biscuit Tin in the World

A good biscuit tin today, is hard to find.

My parents have 2 rather nice biscuit tins, and no biscuit has ever been known to have gone soft in one.

So I wanted to buy one for my new dwelling.

I found a Brabantia tin while shopping for curtains in a big mill out of town, but the problem was it was RUBBISH! The biscuits got soft real quick and stayed that way.

So I decided to get serious... I studied the 2 parents' biscuit tins and read the patent number, amongst other things, and the phrase 'moisture absorbent lid'.

I Googled the patent number but found nothing.

However, when I went to (Google Products UK), and put in 'moisture absorbent lid', I found a matching biscuit tin!

It was here:

So I bought it. Now I have used it for 1 week, and the biscuits are still crisp. This is a great biscuit tin!

The important thing, I think, is the sides of the tin are metal, whereas the Brabantia tin is plastic-sided.

I hope to treasure this biscuit tin for as long as I live.